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Hydro - Dipping Services in Valley Center, KS


Hyrdo- Dipping or Hydro-graphics is the method that applies printed designs to three-dimensional surfaces. Also referred to as, water transfer printing, water transfer imaging, cubic printing or immersion printing, this process can be used on a variety surfaces such as: plastic, glass, hard woods, and numerous other materials. The parts that are "hydro-dipped" are dipped in water and used to decorate a wide range of items from all-terrain vehicles to small items like helmets. As long as your item can be dipped in water, Valley Blue Coatings can perform the hydrographic process to decorate your item or material.
There is no limit to the number and type of patterns that are available. With a huge inventory of patterns to choose from, view our catalog and write down the film part number.
Contact Valley Blue Coatings today for questions you have on hydro-dipping or for pricing inquires at (316) 206-3671.