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Professional Coatings in Valley Center, KS


Valley Blue Coatings is a small, local, family owned and operated business that specializes in affordable firearm coatings. Our firearm coatings include: bluing, hyrdro dripping and wood stock refinishing. In addition, we can apply these coatings to any type of parts such as: wheels, grills, interior panels, game controllers, ATV and motorcycle fairings, hunting equipment, trophy skulls, gas tanks, and much more, just ask! We can customize your firearm or a particular part just how you want it. With a variety of coatings and patterns available, you'll be sure to find a coating just for you.
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Near the Valley Center and Park City, we are located in the greater Wichita area. Valley Blue Coatings does not have a retail storefront, however, if you need to drop an order off or see some of our current projects, visit us at:
105 East Clay St, Valley Center, KS 67147

We Specialize in

Hydrographic Dipping — Hydro-dripping in Park City, KS


Bluing — Hydro-dripping in Park City, KS

Gun Bluing

Cerakote 3 — Hydro-dripping in Park City, KS


To receive a quote, call or email us at:
Mike Hamlin - (316) 206-3671